Top 5 shades of White Marble that can light up your Interior

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Top 5 shades of White Marble that can light up your Interior

Top 5 White shades of Marble that can light up your Interior

The look and feel of carefully cut marble has been adding elegance to rooms and arrangements since the beginning of time. Even though mining for marbles was an extremely laborious process, ancient Romans and Greeks have been using them to create various statues and structures due to the sheer magnificence of the stone.

Due to the different colours and unique patterns available in the marble stone, it’s an obvious choice for people even today to use it commonly to spruce up the look of their homes.

White marble especially has been a popular choice amongst the various kinds of marble due to it’s ease in adaptability to different kinds of interior choices and the grand look it offers.

But if you are confused about which shade of white marble would suit your home interiors the most, here’s listing down the top 5 white shades of marble to help you pick!

Makrana White Marble

Makrana White Marble – As one of the highest qualities of marble, makrana white marble is primarily used to create large structures, pillars and decorative pieces. Even though there are a variety of shades that this particular marble can be found in, the pure white shade is the one that is usually opted for. Its durability and resistance against water also adds on to it’s popularity. Fun Fact – The Taj Mahal has been constructed using makrana white marble.

Golden Calacatta Marble

Golden Calacatta Marble–With pristine white surfaces and bright gold veining throughout the stone, golden calacatta marble is definitely a great choice if you would want to add a dash of sparkle and glamour to your home. Found in Italy and exported all throughout the world, the golden calacatta marble is often used for flooring, stair cases, chest of drawers and other decorative pieces.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble – This kind of white marble has shades of grey all over in unique patterns and designs. The contrast between the white and dark grey shading makes it very attractive to look at and is often the right choice for kitchen islands, tiling, flooring etc. A widely used marble, its grandeur lies in its simplicity and elegance.

Mystery White Marble

Mystery White Marble – As inquisitive as its name, the mystery white marble is often used to make sinks, decorative food serving bowls, kitchen countertops etc. It possess a cream to browning texture that offsets the white in an elegant way.  These marbles are often used in home interiors where the color palette used is of primarily warm colors.

Himalaya White Marble

Himalaya White Marble –Through veins and patterns that range from brown to sometimes purple, the Himalaya white marble add a regal look to the interiors of your home. Used in bathrooms, flooring, cupboard doors, backsplashes etc. this white marble option adapts beautifully to modern as well as ethnic home décor.

Apart from these a few other shades of popular white marble includes Royal White Marble, Statuario Marble and Thassos Marble.


Historically a precious stone to use for interiors, marbles are now easily available and often range in prices to suit one’s budget. Chamunda Stones Best Granite,Tiles ,Marble luxury bathroom fitting dealer in Pune

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These top 5 shades however are still the most popular.

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