A guide to stone cladding- know the professional architect’s tips

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October 16, 2019
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A guide to stone cladding- know the professional architect’s tips

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For homeowners, almost every single decision is extremely crucial regarding material to be used, color to be used, space utilization, stone-cladding and many more. Whether opting for Stone Cladding is worthy or no is a question that should be approached based on a superior level of knowledge at par with the professional architect. Chamunda Stones Best Granite,Tiles ,Marble luxury bathroom fitting dealer in Pune .If you have been struggling to empower yourself to gain in-depth insight regarding the entire know-how regarding stone cladding, here get hold of professional architect’s tips:

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To ensure that the foundation of stone cladding is based on a reliable fixing system, it is indispensable to thoroughly acknowledge the properties of natural stone combined with its weight implications during the preliminary stage of its design work.

Traditional Handset Cladding: Natural stone is attached to a backing structure during the pre-construction stage. This ancient building practice deals with the subject matter of the exterior envelope related to a building.

Rainscreen Principle:  Rainscreen façades featuring Stone-clad pattern are generally back-ventilated combined with an interior drainage cavity that promptly eradicates any dampness that tends to seep behind.

Customized Cladding: Customized stone-clad walls, reminiscent of elaborated mosaics are in vogue, these days. For the same purpose, specialty manufacturer’s consultation is required.


Different kinds of natural stones may be used for cladding purposes post considering numerous factors including composite, appearance, size of the project and intended use. The alternatives include Basalt, Bluestone, Granite, Jerusalem Stone, Limestone, Marble, Slate, and many more.

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Parameters related to the extraction, processing and finishing determines the aesthetic appeal of stone. Aesthetics related determinants including color, pattern, texture, finish, needs to be accessed during the pre-construction phase of stone-cladding One must at least possess basic knowledge related to the various types of finishing variant including honed finish, sandblasted finishing, and many more.


Durability:  Since the stone is dense and is extraordinarily strong, it fits aptly for the cladding applications. Granite, owing to its brilliant properties including color-retentive competence, comes across as popular alternative for decorative and construction purposes. However, stones like limestone due to being susceptible to weathering must be avoided.

Installation: Natural stone installation requires the supervision of experienced engineers. Also, it is recommended to get hold of the budget estimation regarding installation.

Insulation: Thermal insulation products can be combined with Stone cladding to trim down the heat gain or heat loss related to a building envelope. Moreover, it must be vermin proof, non-combustible and non-absorbent.

Maintenance:  Since the entire subject matter related to the time constraint in the modern era continues to gain momentum, the maintenance aspect surprisingly emerged as one of the major pre-requisites for choosing perfect tile material. Therefore, before the construction begins, it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer to gain inkling regarding maintenance requirement related to the specific stone.


Since time immemorial, World’s most breathtaking architectures have been crafted deploying the irresistible charm of a diversified range of stones that comes in distinguished color variants and patterns. Stone cladding is name imparted to a technique that is deployed to enhance the appeal of any interior or exterior. Therefore, it naturally becomes imperative to gain the requisite knowledge to put any stone-clad project on a pedestal.

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