Top 5 trends why marble flooring is the new thing in architecture

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Top 5 trends why marble flooring is the new thing in architecture

Top 5 trends why marble flooring is the new thing in architecture

Timeless ambiance and a feel of luxury is easy to attain in your home when you choose a subtle marble design for flooring. Not only marble flooring has a lot to offer for homeowners, but incorporating this polished stone in your home can prove to be more than a sound decision!

Here are top 5 trending reasons why marble flooring is grabbing all eyes in the world of designing and architecture:

Beautiful look in general

Natural stone looks are increasingly becoming more popular due to the surge in their accessibility. Marble is incredibly strong and prone to shattering. It has long been prized for its beauty and warmth and some of the world’s most stunning marvels are made from marble, including the Taj Mahal, and Lincoln Memorial etc. Moreover, it is available in broad range of colors, patterns and designs, thus you can select from a variety of designs for your flooring. It can provide the owners with a deeply rewarding simplicity in design, quality and luxury.

Black and White Marble design
Since marble is formed by sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock through a natural process, each piece is unique in appearance. The gorgeous and stunning veining marble is known for comes from impurities trapped in the limestone when earth’s high pressurized heat transforms it into marble. Perhaps the most eye-catching combination comes together in the form of black and white stone checkered in the form of square laid on a 45 degree angle, which makes a beautiful statement!

Marble for minimalists

Marble for minimalists :Even though it looks exorbitantly expensive, marble flooring can actually cost less than other natural stones People who prefer minimalist designs have a perfect choice with opting for marble for their flooring! Due to the light reflecting behavior of marble, it also offers a feeling of spaciousness and also makes your room appear more lavish. Marble looks gorgeous, is durable, and resistant to shattering, While faux marble tiles can closely replicate the look and feel of natural marble, they don’t really offer the real benefits of marble.

The Parquet Designs

The Parquet Designs: The reason why marble and parquet flooring has recently become so popular is because of the variety of designs you can create. They both are two different flooring materials but can be used to create amazing designs and eloquent crisscross floor patterns. Usually parquet and marble flooring is installed in larger formal rooms such as a dining room or living area, and can complement your house beautifully!

 Marble for a modern touch: Marble stays relatively cool even under direct sunlight during summers and retains warmth during winters. There for it is a perfect choice for flooring in your home. To create a modern room with marble flooring, one can choose from several available designs which offer a very versatile look whether you go for intricate designs that effortlessly enchant your guests in the entryway, or richly veined white marble tiles with subtle traces of black that gives a warm inviting feeling.  You can be sure they will be as appealing in a century as they are today.

Since marble flooring offers a range of benefits, it is definitely one of the best options for flooring!

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