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Signature Studio

We are setting up Crompton Signature Studios for an unparalleled product and brand experience for our consumers. These stores have been exclusively designed keeping in mind consumer preferences, and easy selection of products and are manned by well-experienced sales consultants.

Shree Chamunda Home Appliances Supply Technology Based Crompton Kitchen Appliances  in Pune like as Chimneys, Dishwashers, Built in Microwaves & Ovens, Hobs and many more products.

Crompton’s Key Innovations

Silent Inverter Motors

Designed and manufactured with the trust of Crompton engineering, our inverter motors with copper winding operate at surprisingly low noise levels. ( up to 10dB lower perceivable noise compared to conventional chimneys), offering 9 speed levels with a maximum suction capacity of up to 2000 m3/hr*. Make your kitchen a comfortable and pleasure place to enjoy, as it should be!

Intelli Auto Clean

Crompton’s intelligent AutoClean system automatically turns on the Auto Clean Mode after 30 hours of chimney operation. The high-temperature heating element melts the oil and grime which flows down in an oil tray; all you have to do is empty and clean the tray. So, relax and enjoy the cooking while we take care of the cleaning.

Smart ON

Crompton’s innovative chimneys also include the exclusive SmartON feature. This function has advanced sensors that detect a temperature change once you begin cooking and switch ON the chimney. Even if you forget to turn on your chimney, you’ll have a smoke-free and worry-free cooking experience.

Elegant style

With the trust of Crompton Engineering accompanied with superior build quality, our chimneys are a sight to behold and a delight to operate. The premium design and minimalistic appearance complement urban Indian kitchen designs. The LED lights in the chimney prevent the chimney from overheating. A large touch panel and an easy-to-use user interface have been built for your convenience.

Gesture Control

Crompton’s specially designed Gesture Control Function senses hand gestures and uses intelligent motion sensors to activate/ deactivate specific functions on your chimney, offering you to experience touch-free operation.

Filterless Technology

Say No to tedious scrubbing and cleaning of filters, Our modern chimneys incorporate Filterless technology*. Oil and grease released during cooking is gathered in a tray that can be cleaned on a regular basis depending on usage, making chimney maintenance and cleaning a simple and easy process.

Kitchen Appliances

Chimneys that work like they should. Silently.

Perfect companion to clean Indian Utensils.

Enables quick and excellent food preparation.

Give your kitchen the best choice of hob it truly deserves.

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