4 reasons why Italian marble is being swapped for American granite

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September 24, 2019
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4 reasons why Italian marble is being swapped for American granite

marble in pune

Italian marble and granite are not just aesthetically pleasing and enchanting, but they also have a variety of benefits.

Up close granite and marble are clearly two different stones, with granite having a more variegated interlocking crystalline structure, while the marble has a milkier composition? However, despite its beauty and elegance, marble has some disadvantages which is why one can consider swapping it for American granite:


granite and marble

Granite is fairly low maintenance. It has a smooth, stain resistant surface, and will not absorb liquids, all of which makes granite a simple to maintain option. It’s safe enough to prepare food on and even rest a hot pot on without fear of damaging the surface. With the right granite sealer and cleaner, your granite tiles can last for decades. On the other hand, it takes a lot of work to keep Italian marble floors and counter tops in top condition one needs to choose the cleaning products carefully to avoid damage to the surface from acidic cleaners. Marble also requires annual sealing to keep water and liquids from penetrating the stone and it may also routinely require polishing.

Adding value to your home!

Italian marble floors

It has been observed that adding American granite countertops in the kitchen often increases the value of a house. Since granite is a timeless, classic choice and is likely to be appreciated for years by many people, it makes for a wonderful addition to your home. The eco-friendly nature of the stone along with its unique patterns makes for a perfect choice for your kitchen.  On the other hand, even if you are paying a lot for installing marble, it may not necessarily last longer than granite due to its softness and susceptible nature. Marble is prone to cracking and chipping and may lose its original beauty with time.

Granite floors for life!

Durability is one of the most essential aspects of granite. While Italian marble can crack or chip, this is extremely rare to happen if you opt for granite. Very few minerals are able to scratch it and it is one of the most heat-resistant countertops on the market. Granite countertops enhance the visual appeal of a kitchen through the rich natural beauty of the stone. The range of colors available also makes it easy to find something that matches your existing décor. It holds up beautifully under wear and tear whether it is installed in your kitchen or bathroom. Just a little cleaning and attention to granite can make it last for a lifetime

 Uniqueness of the stone

beauty of the stone

The look of American granite has been designed by nature over a long period of time and every block extracted from quarries carry a unique appearance. There is no way to duplicate the natural beauty of the stone. American Granite offers many different colors to choose from as well as a variety of patterns.

It has well been observed that the appearance of the stone can change throughout the day as different lighting plays off the small crystals in the material.

With these distinct features of the granite, it gains a competitive edge over the age-old Italian marble!

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