Top 5 Most Unique Use Of Marble As A Stone In The Household

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September 20, 2019
marble in pune
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October 13, 2019

Top 5 Most Unique Use Of Marble As A Stone In The Household

marble in pune

Finalizing a design for your home isn’t as easy as you think it is. Some elements may look brilliant in your head and can be disastrous when you implement them. However, there is one stone that has a majestic quality of making everything look luxurious.Marble has its own gorgeous intricacies that make your home look posh.


But what is the purpose of marble other than the flooring? Well, people get stuck here and never go beyond the stereotypical use of this stone.

At Chamunda Stones, Pune’s largest retailer of marbles, we want you to know every possible use of this metamorphic rock. Shall we begin?

1. Separating The Rooms Without A Wall

As the Indian scenarios are changing, the home décor needs to revamp according to the needs of the clients. A big, broad slab of marble will do the job of a separator for you. If you want to separate a lounge room from your kitchen or a gaming room without adding a wall in between, this is your way out of monotonous walls.

If you’re a resident of Pune, you may reach Chamunda Stones for the best Italian marble in the city.

2. A Touch Of Marble In Your Drawing Room

A word of expert never hurts. So, when you visit marble and granites dealers while you are trying to change the look of your home, they’d give you amazing ideas of how you can use the stone to get a more chic look.



A block of marble in the middle of your drawing room will make your room classy. So, forget the old center tables and give a touch of sophistication to a mundane room. If you’re not interested in keeping a whole block, a slab of marble with a metal body is going to do the same magic.


3. Skip Tiles, Put Marble On The Walls

We understand your love for tiles. Even we are obsessed with imported floor tiles available in tiles showrooms in Pune. The tiles in Pune are worth falling in love with but putting blocks of marbles on one wall of the room will give a unique look to your entire room.


You may even experiment and use slightly different shades for each marble block to create a modern art look.

4. Completely Marbleizing Your Bathroom

We all have come across bathrooms with a marble slab. Sounds not-so-great, right? But what if you build your entire bathroom with marble? We know it may have left you with a scratching head look!

Marble dealers anywhere in the country would tell you that using one toned marble for your bathroom is going to give your bathroom an elegant look. You may carve out a Jacuzzi out of it and even a marble-lined steam room, whatever suits you.

5. Accessorize Your Room With Marble

Now that we have talked about the center table, we’d suggest you give your basics a marble turn. What about a mirror with a marble frame? If not that, why not experiment a bit with your pots you use to plant your succulents?

There are numerous ways to add marble to your home and make it look luxurious without spending thousands on art pieces

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