Why was Marble Used in Most of the Old Heritage Sites

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Choosing the right stones for your Washroom walls and floor
December 1, 2019
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June 15, 2023

Why was Marble Used in Most of the Old Heritage Sites

There are many heritage sites in the world which were constructed using marble-like The Taj Mahal, The Colosseum, The Washington Monument, The Victoria Memorial, etc. Have you ever wondered the reason for choosing marble to build these prestigious monuments? Well, there are many reasons for the popularity of this rock. Let us discuss a few of them.

Why was Marble Used in Most of the Old Heritage Sites

Beauty and Grandeur

The main aim of building these monuments was to emphasise the glory of the ruling party. For this, marble became the first choice as magnificence comes naturally with marbles. This is why marble became the preferred material for building such structures and even sculptures.

In fact, the monuments made of white marble looked even more beautiful at night (Ex: Taj Mahal) as they reflect the moonlight. You can look at any heritage site built using marble, and you will find that they radiate beauty and grandeur.

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High Durability

There are more than 500 types of marbles in the world, including Italian marble, Makrana marble, Carrara marble, etc. Tiles Dealers in Pune offer the best varieties of marbles and granite. However, one trait is common among all these varieties, i.e., they all are highly strong and durable. This was one of the most prominent reasons to choose it as a building material.

Qualities marble

Sculptural Qualities

Marble was among the most preferred choice among notable sculptors as it could be carved into the most prolific statues and sculptures. The fact that the monuments could be adorned with such sculptures made marble an alluring choice of rock.


Easy to maintain

When such large monuments were being built, the question of their maintenance was among the top concern for everyone. Marble was an easy choice as it does not require much maintenance. In fact, it is the only rock that requires the least maintenance. Regular cleaning is enough to keep it shining as new. There are many tiles dealers in Pune who demonstrate the easiest cleaning practices for your marbles and granite.

Cooling Effect

Marble is known for remaining cool to the touch even in the harsh summers. This quality also made it a popular choice for building monuments, especially in places with extremely hot climates.

Marble has many more qualities which popularised its use right after its discovery. The best part is that now you can redefine your interior and exterior with marble. Nowadays, marble not only gives a classy look to your home but also gives a feel of eliteness and modern beauty.

If you wish to experience such grandeur, you may visit the tiles dealers in Pune, who holds a very wide variety of marble. However, if you wish to buy marble or granite, you should definitely visit the store of Chamunda Stones in Pune. They offer some of the most alluring types of marbles that easily fit into your budget.

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