Choosing the right stones for your Washroom walls and floor

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Choosing the right stones for your Washroom walls and floor

Choosing the right stones for your Washroom walls and floor

Confucius once famously said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”. Well, we must take that cue from him, and not just move mountains but use the right stones to build our homes.Washroom walls and floor.

When building the house, one of the most important and pertinent questions are to select the kind of stones/tiles for our washroom walls and floor. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making that bathroom of yours.

Washroom walls and floor

  • Safety – While making the bathroom look aesthetic, it should not compromise on the safety factor. So a non-slip material is always a safe bet. Non-skid tiles with a matte finish and bright colours can add great character to the bathroom while also providing the safety from slipping.
  • Maintenance – Bathroom walls and floors must be easy to maintain. Especially in a city like Pune, where the hard water can create grime that often settles on corners and gaps, selecting tiles that can be easily cleaned is an advantage.
  • Cleaning – Usage of large tiles instead of small ones, is always better from a maintenance point of view. Easy to clean and also adds to the visual appeal with modern sanitation fittings.
  • Durability – Bathroom floors must be sturdy and easy to use, especially when barefoot.
  • Visual – All said and done, you can’t compromise on the visual of the bathroom. Its where the most important chores get done, and that can set the mood for the day.

Well, you must be wondering, it was hard enough to get the bedroom tiles designed and now the bathroom too!

Here we list down the commonly used stones in bathrooms, and their specialities so you can make an informed choice.

marble in pune


  • Marble: Shiny and elegant, marble can instantly elevate the look of a bathroom given its range of colours. While being expensive, marble is also soft and porous, which can be prone to breaking or fading.

• Granite

  • Granite: Less porous than marble, Granite is extremely strong and durable, especially to hold the heavy sanitations. It is more durable than the marble but tends to fade away over time.

  • Serpentine: an unconventional choice, serpentine offers a lot more durability, elegance and shiny or matte finish to the customer than marble and granite. If you’re looking to make your bathroom chic, this should be the one.


  • Limestone – Except for providing an earthy look, limestone is a less preferred option. Largely due to its porous nature which in Pune might be a less favourite.

So go ahead and make that bathroom, a haven of chic and earthy as per your taste. Using stones offers better advantages than ceramic and porcelain or even glass, so we must exploit it to good use. Bathrooms in a house are a reflection of our ambience as well as hygiene. And therefore, stones are the perfect agent that can transform the look of the house. They are extremely useful not just in the bathroom but also in the living room, kitchen walls.

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