Which granite will suit better – Honed, Polished or Brushed?

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September 8, 2019
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September 20, 2019

Which granite will suit better – Honed, Polished or Brushed?

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If you decide to decorate your home or kitchen or any other place, you should be considering “granite” as a viable choice, that has become popular among the homeowners in the recent times due to its stunning elegance, variety in colours and exceptional hardness, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Like any beautiful stone, granite has lots of varieties like make, texture, colours, different price ranges etc. So, through this blog, we are providing you a clear distinct of variety of granites available and help you decide which one suits your need –Honed, Polished or Brushed finish granite?

best granite in pune

Honed granite:

To create honed granite, the manufacturers uses coarser abrasives and stop grinding the stone; due to this, it reaches its matte appearance. As they are not polished it will not show any particular colour or texture unlike the finished ones. To avoid staining, reduce the absorption of water, and decrease its porosity, one need to reseal it frequently – preferably, every few months. Dust, grease and handprints are very easily visible in honed granite due to its rugged finish feature, so one need to remember to wipe it with wet cloth in order to make it appear clean. Due to its strength, they are preferred in rush areas like landing places of briefcases, book bags etc. But people also do prefer it inside the house to give a less glossy look and subtle appearance

Polished Granite:

Polished granites are created when the stone is buffed with the help of fine polishing pads, causing the surface to acquire a glossy, reflective appearance.

In polished granite, we can see the natural colour, texture and beauty clearly, making it an obvious choice for the people to décor their house. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean hence doesn’t require frequent sealing like the honed. They don’t react with any food items or other things, so, are the best options for kitchen top especially in restaurants. They can also stand against weather and chemical wear and are low on maintenance, so are the obvious choice for the ruff and tuff. They are also less expensive than the honed granite, due to the easy availability at all places, thus reducing its cost to purchase.


Brushed Granite:

To create a brushed finish, manufacturers gently brush the granite’s surface until it becomes textured and appears worn out. It is a bit more porous when compared to glossy polished granite. The colour of this type of granite is also dissolved due to the brushing process. Due to high on porosity, it gets stained easily hence frequent sealing is a must for this type too. Dust and dirt can easily be accumulated on this stone because of its uneven surface; hence daily cleaning is needed to keep it hygienic. They are not commonly used, but brushed granite is preferred to give rustic look to your place. Due to its designs it is more impressive to eyes and it gives an elegant and rich look.

Which will suit you best?

Though Granite is being the preferred choice in most of the houses, but has its own pros and cons.deciding on which one to choose depends on various parameters like – budget, availability, its use.  So if you’re ready to begin shopping for granite and need some experts help, please contact us at Chamunda Stones is best granite dealer in pune today, or call us and we can visit your location to help you further.

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