How has technology transformed the Stone industry in India altogether

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November 19, 2019
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November 27, 2019

How has technology transformed the Stone industry in India altogether

How has technology transformed the Stone industry in India altogether

In 2019, we can hardly say that we use technology; rather, we now live technology. Right from our personal use to health and education, technology has transformed our lives beyond our imagination. Similarly, in the stone industry technology has brought about a radical change, which a couple of years back was hard to imagine.

Use of natural stones has become a viable and desired option today to design our homes. Rightfully so, since stones are durable, non-porous and also give an earthy, yet chic aesthetic to the vibe of our homes. But a couple of years back it was a rather tedious task to design living rooms, bedrooms using natural stone , best tiles in Pune .

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Why? Well, stones need a whole lot of processing. From designing, quarrying, fabrication to sandblasting, they go through a process before being installed in our homes or anywhere. All this has become quick and easy using technology while also reducing the impact on the environment.

Here are a few major impacts of technology in the stone industry:

Selection: Just like window shopping on your favourite app, or website, stones can be selected based on texture, colour, application type and a host other options. Without technology, choosing the right kind of stone would’ve been an overwhelming task given the lack of information about each type like marbles, granite, sandstone etc. But now with one click you can make an informed choice about all this and design your home better.

cnc machinary

CNC Machinery:Fabrication of stone is a very important stage after selection. Designing it to the correct size and finish is now done using CNC Machinery. With the computer numerically controlled (CNC) method, one can now design the stone on the computer and refine it before applying it to the material. CNC is a revolutionary technology that not only simplifies the process of design but also saves times, provides precision and ultimately reduces local waste which is what makes this a huge advantage for the industry.

Water Jets - design

Water Jets:Despite being around for a long time, water jet technology has been improving consistently and delivering some very nuanced designs to the stones. With low cost and even lesser maintenance, water jets have proven to produce great accuracy to the design. It can also revolutionize how stones are used in art installations and sculpture industries to produce the exact vision of the artist in actuality.

3D Modeling: After that enchanting trip overseas, you decide that you’d like to emulate a historic church of Virginia or Tuscany into your living room. Well, with 3D modelling, it is now very easy where you can replicate these images with scans and remodel according to the historic architecture.

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