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Give your kitchen the best choice of hob it truly deserves.

HOB Optime FB 90cm 4Br MBLK
HOB Optime FB 78cm 4Br MBLK
HOB Optime FB 60cm 4Br MBLK
HOB Optime FB 78cm 3Br MBLK
HOB SensoSafe HB 78cm 4Br MBLK
HOB SensoSafe HB 60cm 4Br MBLK
HOB SensoSafe HB 78cm 3Br MBLK
TAB SuperSlim HB 78cm 4Br MBLK
HOB SensoSafe HB 60cm 3Br MBLK
TAB SuperSlim HB 78cm 3Br MBLK
TAB SuperSlim HB 60cm 3Br MBLK
Put an end to your worries about not turning OFF the hob on time! With our digital timer hobs, pre-set timer and our hob gets the job done for you.
Our hob has full brass burners, multi-rings, and 3D flame technology, making them suitable for a large variety of cooking, from slow to high heat.
Crompton’s Key Innovations

Digital timer in wok burner

Now, no worries about switching OFF the hob! Get consistent cooking results with our OpTime hobs, just set the timer and our hob gets the job done for you.

3D Flame Technology

With our high-efficiency 3D brass burners that ensure equal heat distribution throughout all corners of the vessel, you can cook every dish to perfection in less time. So that when it comes to serving Biryani, you spend less time preparing it and more time enjoying.

Flame Failure Safety Device

In the event of a spill, our smart sensor enabled hobs automatically turn off the gas supply, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

High efficiency full Brass Burners

Our hobs include full brass burners for increased efficiency and consistent heat distribution, making them perfect for slow cooking as well. The brass design also ensures long life and high performance, saving you the trouble of having to replace your burners due to melting.

Brass Burners with multi-ring flame

Enjoy consistent cooking with our powerful Triple Ring Wok burners, which have three concentric rings of flame for increased strength and better flame dispersion. The outer ring enables high heat cooking, while the mini-ring allows slow cooking or simmering.

Cast iron pan support with enamel coating

Our hobs feature pan supports made of robust cast iron with an enamel coating. As a result, they can withstand larger loads without deforming.

Other Kitchen Appliances

Enables quick and excellent food preparation.

Chimneys that work like they should. Silently.

Perfect companion to clean Indian Utensils.

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